Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School


All food is cooked and prepared freshly on the school premises. Breakfast, a mid-morning, mid-afternoon and a snack tea will be provided by holiday club, with parents providing their child with a packed lunch for lunch time. Where possible the children will be involved in preparing their own meals e.g. sandwiches, wraps etc. We promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles and embed this knowledge into the children by providing balanced meals and involving the children in the process through hand-on experiences such as baking and making their own teas. 


If your child has a dietary requirement meals will be prepared accordingly as close as possible to what the other children are eating. You will receive a paper copy of your child's individual menu. Please speak with Miss Blore (Acting Childcare Manager) to discuss individual requirements.

Upcoming holiday club menus

Summer holiday menu 2023



Past holiday club menus

Spring bank holiday menu 2023

Easter holidays menu 2023

February holiday menu 2023

Christmas holiday menu 2022

October holiday menu 2022

Packed lunch information

Please ensure you are not providing your child with any nuts or nut products, juice, chocolate bars or packets of chocolate.

There are a range of things your child is able to bring in, however please ensure it is balanced and is enough to fuel your child for the day.

Please ensure if your child needs cutlery to bring it with them and that all food items are cold food items and not warm or do not need heating up.


Some ideas for packed lunches could be:



Cold pasta

Vegetable sticks and dips




Crackers and cheese Biscuits

Fruit Cake bars

Smoothies etc.


If you have any questions about packed lunches please contact chelsea.blore@honleyjin.co.uk to discuss.