Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Parent comments

We welcome any suggestions, compliments and comments you may have. All comments help us to learn and improve outcomes for children. If you would like to provide feedback then please complete one of our 'Have your say' forms. These can be found by following the link below or in the Daycare entrance area. 

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'Thank you so much for having me and teaching me so much about childcare. I can tell all the children love and appreciate each and every one of you.' (Student placement comment- March 2023)

'My child always wants to come to Daycare and has said she enjoys it. I always feel I can discuss a problem with a member of staff.' (March 2023)


'All staff have been very welcoming and supportive of my child when she was settling in. You're all wonderful and so an amazing job.' (March 2023)


'What a lovely daycare. Although my son cries for his mum, I know he's in safe hands in a good environment. You've got a friendly team of staff. You're doing a great job.' (October 2022)


'I would just like to start by saying how grateful I am to Honley School Day Care. My daughter started on the 7th of September, I had spoken to Sammi and staff about my daughter and her behaviour beforehand. For example, she doesn’t engage with the staff or the children, there’s no eye contact, she doesn’t respond to her name etc. Once my daughter started properly the staff started to notice themselves, and Sammi got straight on with referrals to speech and language and SEND. The nursery have been so supportive of me and my daughter and in such a short space of time they’ve really taken the weight off my shoulders. The nursery have also made a plan for all the staff and for me and dad, to try get my daughter engaged more. Moving her to Honley school daycare was the best decision we have made, she absolutely loves it there and we are very happy too.' (October 2022)


'I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you and all the staff at daycare. I know my son has only been with you a few months but he has had the best time with you all. The way he settled in and so quickly was down to all the staff making him feel welcome and safe and he has loved every day he has spent at day care. It's been great these last few weeks being able to come into the setting to see how he interacts and it's been wonderful listening to all his stories of what he has learnt . Over the few months that he has been part of the setting I have seen how you are all working to develop the environment for the children and it's clear to see how all the staff really care about their roles. All your efforts don't go unnoticed and it's certainly appreciated. I hope you all get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work. All the staff have been wonderful with my son but I'd like to say a special thank you to Mrs Tyas. It's very reassuring to know that my son had that point of contact should he be struggling with anything and I know he adores her. It was clear from the report that time has been spent to really get to know Alf and his personality.' (August 2022)


'Thank you to everyone for making my son's time so special. He 's loved coming to Daycare and has got so much out of the environment you all help to make. He's become such a funny and confident boy because he has been allowed to be himself and learn in a way that suits him.' (July 2022)


'Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter. Since starting Daycare, she has come on leaps and bounds and all of it is down to you guys.' (July 2022)


'I cannot thank you all enough for the way you've taken care of my children over the years. Every single session my children have come home happy, content and overjoyed to tell me about their day. I thank you guys for helping them grow into the cool intelligent little people they are today. You are all amazing, kind, caring and patient and my boys love you- daycare so much.' (July 2022)


'Just a note to say how grateful we are for your care and support for our daughter. You have given her so many new and interesting experiences and she has loved her time in your provision. You are a brilliant team!'

(July 2022)

'Many thanks for everything you have done for my son, he truly has thrived in your care.' (March 2022)


'I have to say that I am very impressed by the level of care and dedication that all your staff show in their Daycare duties.' (Feb 2022)

'We really appreciate everything you've done for our son: not only the great learning experiences but also the care you have provided for him in relation to his medical/dietary needs. He has really enjoyed his time with you and is prepared and excited for the next stage of his education.' (July 2021)


'Thank you for working hard to create an educational and fun environment for my daughter. The hard work you all put in hasn't gone unnoticed by us.' (July 2021)

'I want to say a massive thank you to you all. Yesterday I was so nervous about my child coming back into nursery after Boris announced he was shutting schools but keeping nursery open, I was telling my self he wasn’t going but then thought I was been selfish by keeping him away from his super learning and support you guys are putting in with him and he had an amazing day, so thank you for the reassurance guys keep up the good work during this, I’d give you all a big hug if could but can’t so my child will have to do that.' (06/01/2021) 

'We are really grateful that school street nursery and day care remain open for the children, it is lovely that my child and her friends are able to continue with a bit of normality! Thanks again for all you do for the children, it is greatly appreciated.' (05/01/2021)


'We are really happy with how our child is at Daycare. She enjoys her time with you and we can see her confidence developing. We wanted to say a big thank you to all of your team.' (28/09/2020)


'We can't thank you enough for all you have done for our daughter and how helpful and accommodating you have been throughout her time at Daycare. It's been lovely to see Daycare grow, you have worked so hard and the hard work has really paid off. It's such a lovely place and I'm always singing all your praises.' (17/07/2020)


'You are all so caring and supportive at Daycare and School and it means so much to us as a family.' (06/04/2020)


'Took my daughter to the den building session and it was really good, we both had a great time, lots to do and play with. I personally really enjoyed being shown around by my daughter as she was really proud of her nursery and the friends she's made whilst there. All the staff were great as always.' - Following the den making and construction stay and play session (27/02/2020)


'I thought the stay and play session was very well run and all of the children seemed to enjoy it. MY daughter really enjoyed showing me around and playing with all the toys and exploring all the different areas.' -Following the den making and construction stay and play session (25/02/2020)


'A really enjoyable stay and play session- it was great to chat to the staff and also other parents too.'- Following the den making and construction stay and play session (26/02/2020)


'All the children were absolutely fantastic in the Nativity. Amazing singing and super dancing. Well done to all the children and staff for a great show.' (18/12/2019)


'Thank you so much for taking her (on the trip), I was a little apprehensive about her going at first but I knew she was in safe hands and it would enhance her learning and development, I'm glad I let her go. It all seemed so well organised, you all really are an amazing team and do an amazing job. I for one are so glad you are part of my daughters life, she loves you all to bits and I'm so happy with the care and support she gets whilst at Daycare.' (03/06/2019)


'My child is developing really well at Daycare and enjoys explaining all that he has done and learnt. I am really happy that you are providing many different opportunities for him to progress. Mostly, I am happy that he has great relationships with the really supportive staff.' (26/03/2019)


'We are really grateful for all the care and support shown to my daughter. Her confidence has grown massively in all areas of development especially with her social and communication skills. We are continuously thankful and appreciate the entire team at Daycare. You all do an amazing job in nurturing my daughters development in lots of fun and interesting ways while providing such a high standard of care ans support. My daughter thinks highly of you all and speaks of you often.' (06/03/2019)


'My child is happy attending Daycare, he has become more confident and is developing withing himself. Thank you for your support.' (06/03/2019)


'We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the effort you have gone to to cater for our son's allergies and would like to say a big thank you to everyone for helping my son have such a great first week. He seems to have settle really well and enjoyed his first couple of days.' (25/10/18)


'Thank you, it was lovely to come and play. Very interesting about salt and sugar content. It was all very well managed and done. Thanks.' - following Healthy eating stay & play session (20/09/2018)


'Really nice to come in and see my son at Daycare. Good to watch him socialise with his friends. Healthy eating talk very informative.' -  following Healthy eating stay & play session (20/09/2018)


'Thank you all so much for all you do with and for my son at nursery. He wouldn't have settled so well without such a lovely caring staff team. Thanks again.'  (23/07/2018)


'Just a note to thank each and every single one of you. My daughter has loved it and has come along so much at her time spent at Daycare. Thank you for being so good with her, I'll miss her stories giggling about you all. I can tell you all genuinely love what you do. Thanks for all your hard work & support. You're all a top team & nursery, thank you for being part of my daughters story.'  (23/07/2018)


'Thoroughly enjoyed the session, thank you. Interesting to see all the resources the children can use.' - feedback from Grandparents stay and play session (18/05/2018)


'You are all fab with our girls! They are happy and content in Daycare.' -  (26/04/2018)


'We are very pleased with my son's Daycare provision. He continues to thrive and he loves his time here. Staff have been great with him and are clearly fond of him. They are supportive of every aspect of his learning. Please can my daughter start sooner?' -  (23/04/2018)


'Keep doing what  you're doing, facilities, staff, setting, all fantastic. Keep up the good work!' -  (23/04/2018)


'Staff are superb, grandma loves it and all the children are so happy. Great resources, all well organised.' -  feedback from stay and play messy session (27/03/2018)


'Stay and play provided a wonderful stimulating environment where the children learned through fun and play and getting very messy! Fantastic engaging activities and great for parents/carers to get involved and understand how much fun the children have and learn at the same time. Please do more, I'd love to come again.'  feedback from stay and play messy play session (27/03/2018)


'So happy with how my daughter has settled in and started to build new relationships. She has really grown with confidence since starting at Daycare. She loves coming to Daycare and really enjoys the range of activities you've got to offer. She talks about her friends a lot at home and what she's done at Daycare. Very pleased with everything. Thanks to all staff.'  (31/01/2018)


'My child has only been at the setting 2 weeks and he is so happy and settled, he looks forward to coming and chats excitedly about his day. We have noticed that his confidence is growing. All the staff are so warm and friendly which puts us, as parents, at ease, knowing he is in good hands. Thank you!'  (18/01/2018)


'My son was saying at home: I love mummy, I love Daddy, I love Penny, I love Mrs Nicholls.' - l (17/01/2018)


 'I have never known a child so keen to go to Nursery School - whatever you are doing, you are doing a GREAT JOB of it! Thank you' -  (08/11/2017)