Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Daycare Parent Partnership


Here at Honley School Daycare we believe in building strong parent partnerships and links. As a parent/carer you are your child's first educator and know your child the best, this is why we work closely with yourselves to work on developmental next steps, find out what your child likes/dislikes, how to comfort them if upset and share activities and ideas to support your child's developmental journey. 

We have a range of ways we encourage parent partnership at Honley School Daycare and these vary from:

  • Stay and Play sessions  (once per month)
  • Parent input/observation sheets   
  • Parents evenings to share your child's learning journey and termly Individual Curriculum Programmes (and end of year report)
  • Have your say forms  
  • Celebrating achievements/WOW moments  
  • Home Learning packs and Daycare library books for you to take home and share with your child  
  • Home learning activities to do at home 
  • Tapestry online learning journal