Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Partnership Working

Here at Honley School Out of School Club we believe in building strong partnerships and links with all. 



Parent Partnerships

As a parent/carer you are your child's first educator and know your child the best, this is why we work closely with yourselves to find out what your child likes/dislikes, how to comfort them if upset and share activities and ideas to support your child's developmental journey. 

We have a range of ways we encourage parent partnership at Honley School Out of School Club, these vary from:


Child Partnerships

We strongly believe that children are leaders of their own learning and by gathering their thoughts and ideas they will become more engaged in what they are doing and will take on an ownership over their opportunities. We will gather children's thoughts and ideas in the following ways:

  • Daily general conversations.
  • Completing child consultation forms.
  • Asking the children to share their interests and ideas which is then put on the weekly planning. 
  • Gathering their thoughts and ideas for developing the breakfast and tea menu.
  • Termly feedback sheets.
  • Optional scrap books where children can write and draw about the experiences and activities they have joined in with and what they would like to do next. 


Links throughout the School

We feel it is important for us to know about your child's school day and how they are progressing within the school, along with finding out about what your child is learning to support them further with their learning and development. Therefore, we will speak on a regular basis with your child's class teacher to find out this information. This information is gathered on the basis to support your child's learning and development during their time with us.


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