Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Music Curriculum Map



At Honley Ce (VC) JIN School, we aim to promote the personal development of our pupils through access to a rich set of experiences by encompassing life skills, real life engaging opportunities and first-hand experiences in our curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.


Through our broad and balanced curriculum, opportunities to sing and learn instruments underpin learning and development not only within music as a subject but also through a cross-curricular approach. We want our children to foster a love of music within their learning through other subjects to aid learning and enjoyment such as the use of singing songs to learn times tables in mathematics and to learn historical information in our Creative Curriculum whilst also developing healthy mind techniques by using instrumental music for study, relaxation and mindfulness.


We recognise that singing is a great starting point for musical learning and the development of many skills, while being a hugely enjoyable activity for our pupils and teachers. We intend to create a strong and positive bond within our school and join the community together – marking significant moments by singing together and listening to music, like during assemblies, church services, instrumental performances, musical visitors into school and special events in the calendar. 


Singing and musical performances form a large part of what our pupils (and their families) will remember about their time at school, long after they have left.

Home Learning - Music


Many of our pupils play instruments outside of school, but music is all around and forms part of everyone's home learning without planning. Singing along to songs on the radio, playing hand clap games and listening to music is all learning.


If you wanted to find out more about playing an instrument outside of school time just google: music lessons in Kirklees for children and a host of opportunities will appear.


This website gives some specific music lessons that if you have a strong interest in music you might want to look at: https://www.derbyshiremusichub.org.uk/get-involved/music-at-home/music-at-home.aspx