Honley CE (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School

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Turning Kirklees Pink for Eden- 11th March 2022

Out of School Club October 2021

Fun in September 2021

Outdoor Play- May 2021

Burt & Ernie (Giant African Land Snails)- May 2021

Assorted Arts & Crafts- March, April, May 2021

Model making wit K'nex & Lego- February 2021

Chinese New Year- February 2021

Winter and Christmas crafts and fun 2020

Creating our own books/short stories & our World Kindness day poster- November 2020

Reception & Key stage 1- Blindfolded Food & Drink Tasting: 16th & 19th November 2020

Key Stage 2- October & November 2020

Reception & Key Stage 1- October 2020 

Our new upstairs room- September 2020

Hide and seek- 5th March 2020

Popcorn making- 3rd March 2020

Water play- 3rd March 2020

Outdoor explorers- 23rd January 2020

Mark making- January 2020

Exotic fruit tasting- 14th January 2020

Christmas baking- December 2020

Group Reading- 23rd October 2020

Arts & craft buns- 14th October 2020

Planting- 8th October 2020

Water beads- 3rd October 2020

Natural Collage- 30th September 2020

Making marshmallow crispy treats- 24th September 2020

Film afternoon- 20th September 2020

Decorating Biscuits- 17th September 2020

Snozcumber Slime- 12th September 2020

Parachute games- 11th September 2020

Roald Dahl smoothies- 10th September 2020

First week fun- September 2019

Our Out of School Club- September 2019